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Surgical 3D planning

With the professional planner BonaPlanner, you will quickly and comfortably immerse yourself in the world of 3D planning.
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Operation planning

Unique BonaPlanner - next generation 3D surgical planning tool
Simple and user-friendly interface
Allows you to quickly and comfortably immerse yourself in the world of 3D planning
Working with CT examinations
Load CT and view slices along with 3D models
Registration certificate
For official use in healthcare facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation
Segmentation during the day
Prompt transformation of CT data into a 3D model


Traumatology and orthopedics

Individual products in this area solve a whole range of problems, from the correction of limb deformities to joint defects of varying severity.



Our company has invaluable experience in working with leading specialists in the field of neurosurgery, which allows us to ensure high accuracy, quality and speed of work.
Our goal is to provide you with innovative solutions based on the development of implants, guides and biomodels, manufactured using the latest technologies, taking into account the unique characteristics of each patient.


Maxillofacial Surgery

We know that every patient faces unique challenges in their treatment. Our goal is to develop solutions that return functionality and aesthetics to your patients. Working together with surgeons allows us to provide the necessary products to ensure that every patient receives the optimal treatment.



We understand that cancer cases require high quality and speed of work from us. Our task is to provide the patient with the preservation of the functions of the affected area, taking into account the aesthetics and comfort of use.
Many years of experience and a large number of operations performed with the participation of our team, enables us to provide surgeons with qualified assistance in organizing operations using individual designs.



Traumatology and оrthopedics

Our company provides a wide range of services in the field of traumatology and orthopedics in cases where the surgeon wants to ensure maximum compliance of preoperative planning with the result after surgery.
Our products are designed to reduce surgery time, increase accuracy, and improve convenience for both patient and physician.



We understand that small patient sizes increase the risk of spinal nerve or spinal cord injury during spinal surgery. Our guides are designed for small dimensions and limited accessibility. The use of individual guides minimizes the risks of erroneous insertion of pedicle screws and facilitates the subsequent installation of the hardware


Intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthesis (ITAP)

We understand that patients who come to us often need to replenish their limb functions. Modern technologies make it possible to produce prostheses that are reliably anchored in the bone, which have the ability to osseointegrate and provide minimal risks of infections. The delivery set consists of an endoprosthesis, an exoprosthesis, as well as guides for correct installation. Patients can receive a load on the limb as early as 3 days after the operation


Oncology and defect replacement

High-tech products that combine a number of features necessary to preserve the function of the limbs. Our team has extensive experience working with leading veterinarians in Russia and the EU in the field of oncology and replacement of various parts of the skeleton of animals. Our experience serves as the basis for the design of structures that allow patients to use limbs after major resections.


Process chain

From surgical planning to implant design and manufacturing
Program installation
CT loading
Planning the operation
Design, manufacture

Our partners

We cooperate with leading medical companies and organizations throughout Russia