BonaPlanner 2D

We provide 3D surgical planning, design and printing services for individual implants and instruments for bone tissue surgery using our software

Преимущества Bonabyte Hip2D

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Преимущества Bonabyte Knee2D

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The interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Contains all the necessary tools for planning various types of operations (movement, rotation, measurements, virtual osteotomy).

The planner contains a set of standard fasteners, which allows at the stage of planning the operation to select and optimally position the screws, taking into account all the features of the anatomy.

The ability to hide, group and delete objects greatly simplifies the work with a large number of models when planning complex operations.


All software algorithms are optimized to achieve maximum speed for comfortable planning.

Postoperative alignment

An important advantage is the ability to conduct postoperative alignment, to assess the results of the surgery and compare them with planning.

Пробная версия

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